Explosives and Ordnance

The wide range of explosive devices and munitions used in military operations during World War II, including bombs, shells, grenades, and mines.

Df. 6 Destroyer

The Df. 6 was a British destroyer class that served during World War II. It was a fast and agile warship, designed for escorting convoys and engaging enemy warships. The Df. 6 was equipped with a powerful armament of guns and torpedoes, and was also capable of laying mines. It was used extensively in the […]

Attack Submarine

A type of submarine designed primarily for offensive missions, such as attacking enemy ships or coastal targets. These submarines typically carry torpedoes, missiles, and sometimes even mines. Attack submarines played a significant role in World War II, disrupting enemy shipping and contributing to the Allied victory.

Afloat Weapons Systems

The array of weapons used by naval forces, including guns, missiles, torpedoes, and mines, designed to destroy enemy targets.

Aerial Mine Warfare

The use of aircraft to deploy mines in the sea or on land, disrupting enemy navigation and operations.

Aiv Class Minesweeper

A class of minesweepers operated by the People’s Liberation Army Navy. They are used to clear mines from shipping lanes.

Acoustic Mines

Underwater mines designed to detonate upon detecting the sound of a ship’s propeller.