German Gebirgsjäger

Mountain troops of the German Army (Heer) specialized in warfare in mountainous terrain. They were equipped with specialized gear for climbing, skiing, and fighting in cold and high-altitude environments.

Fg 42

A German World War II selective-fire automatic rifle designed for use by paratroopers and mountain troops. It was known for its accuracy, firepower, and versatility, but it was also expensive and complex to manufacture.

Fg 42 II

An improved version of the Fg 42 that incorporated several modifications, including a redesigned stock, a lighter barrel, and a new bipod. These changes made the rifle more comfortable to use and easier to carry.

Fg 42 III

The final version of the Fg 42, which was produced in limited numbers. It featured a simplified design and a new magazine that could hold 20 rounds. It was introduced later in the war and saw limited combat use.

Aorta, Forces Involved

The units and personnel participating in Operation Aorta, primarily consisting of German mountain troops and supporting units.


Specialized mountain troops of the German Wehrmacht, known for their expertise in alpine warfare and fighting in rugged terrain.