Italian Military Equipment

The array of weapons, vehicles, and other equipment used by the Italian armed forces during World War II, including both domestically produced and imported items.

Incendiary Grenade

A type of grenade designed to start fires, often containing flammable substances like napalm or thermite. Incendiary grenades were used during World War II to inflict damage on enemy positions, vehicles, or structures.

Ij-20: IJA’s Military Equipment

The Imperial Japanese Army’s (IJA) use of a wide range of military equipment, including weapons, vehicles, and communication systems, during World War II.

Ii-6: Industrial Mobilization

The process of converting a nation’s industrial capacity to wartime production, including the manufacturing of weapons, vehicles, and other military equipment.

High-Explosive Incendiary (HEI) Rounds

Artillery and gun rounds that combine high explosive and incendiary agents, causing significant damage and fires upon impact. Used against enemy troops, vehicles, and structures.

German Panzergrenadier Divisions

Mechanized infantry divisions of the German Army (Heer) during World War II, equipped with armored personnel carriers and other vehicles.

Fuel Depot (Various)

A military facility responsible for storing and distributing fuel for vehicles and aircraft.

Equipment Innovation

The development and adoption of new military technologies and equipment during World War 2, driven by technological advancements and battlefield demands. This included innovations in weapons, vehicles, and communication systems.