Gk. 43 (Home Front)

The home front refers to the civilian population and activities in a country at war, including efforts to support the military, maintain morale, and manage the economic and social impact of the conflict.

European Wartime Art and Literature

The artistic and literary expressions that emerged in Europe during World War II, reflecting the experiences, emotions, and perspectives of individuals living through the conflict. These works often explored themes of war, loss, resilience, and the human condition.

Establishment of Wartime Art

The production of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other artistic expressions that reflect the realities and emotions of war.

Establishment of Wartime Film

The creation of documentaries, fictional narratives, and other cinematic works that explore the impact and legacy of war.

Establishment of Wartime Music

The composition and performance of songs, symphonies, and other musical works that express a range of emotions and perspectives on war.


A formal agreement between warring parties to end hostilities temporarily.

Aggressor Tactics

The tactics used by a nation or military force to initiate an act of aggression.