Ii-6: Industrial Mobilization

The process of converting a nation’s industrial capacity to wartime production, including the manufacturing of weapons, vehicles, and other military equipment.

Evacuation of Strategic Resources

The relocation of vital resources, such as industrial equipment, raw materials, and essential supplies, from vulnerable areas to safer locations during wartime. This practice aimed to protect critical assets from enemy attacks and ensure continued production for the war effort.

Establishment of Wartime Economies

The adaptation of national economies to prioritize wartime production and resource allocation, often involving rationing and price controls.

Ersatz Material

Substitute materials used during wartime due to shortages of traditional resources, impacting the quality and reliability of military equipment.

Apprenticeship Program for Women

A program implemented during World War II to train women for essential wartime jobs in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation, to fill the labor shortage caused by men being deployed.