Dirigible Hangar

A large, enclosed structure designed to house and protect dirigibles from weather and other environmental factors.

D-Day Weather

The weather conditions on June 6, 1944, which played a significant role in the success of the Normandy invasion.

Cr. Convoy Routing

The process of planning and executing the routes taken by convoys of merchant ships to minimize the risk of enemy attack. This involved considering factors such as weather, enemy activity, and the availability of escorts.


A Tibetan term for a type of heavy woolen cloak used for warmth and protection against the harsh weather conditions in the Himalayas. These cloaks were worn by Tibetan soldiers and civilians during World War II, providing essential protection from the cold.

Azores High**

A semi-permanent anticyclone located over the Azores in the North Atlantic Ocean.**

Aviation Weather

The study of meteorological conditions that affect the operation of aircraft.