Dk. 500 (Fuze)

A range of fuzes designed for use with the Dk. 500 bomb, offering options for impact, delay, and special effects.

Dk. 250 (Fuze)

A selection of fuzes designed for use with the Dk. 250 bomb, enabling detonation on impact, delay, or upon contact with specific targets.

Dk. 1000 (Suspension)

Specialized suspension gear and mechanisms designed to attach the Dk. 1000 bomb to aircraft for safe and effective delivery.

Dk. 500 (Suspension)

Suspension systems designed for attaching the Dk. 500 bomb to aircraft, ensuring its safe and accurate release.

Dk. 250 (Suspension)

Suspension systems specifically designed for carrying and releasing the Dk. 250 bomb from aircraft.

Dk. 1000

A German 1000-kilogram general-purpose bomb used extensively by the Luftwaffe during World War II.

Dk. 500

A German 500-kilogram general-purpose bomb, a smaller variant of the Dk. 1000, also widely used by the Luftwaffe.

Dk. 250

A German 250-kilogram general-purpose bomb, the smallest of the Dk series, used for area bombing and targeting smaller structures.

Dk. 1000 (SC)

A specialized version of the Dk. 1000 bomb, designed for use with a special impact fuze, making it suitable for attacking ships and other hardened targets.

Dk. 500 (SD)

A modified Dk. 500 bomb equipped with a delayed-action fuze, intended for use against underground bunkers and fortifications.