Ihm-35 Military Logistics Planning

The process of organizing and coordinating the procurement, transport, and distribution of resources and supplies to support military operations.

Ihm-36 Military Equipment Standardization

The process of ensuring that military equipment and systems across different units and branches are compatible and interchangeable, enhancing efficiency and interoperability.

Ihm-38 Military Equipment Deployment

The process of transporting and positioning military equipment and personnel to specific locations for operational readiness and strategic purposes.

Ihm-40 Military Equipment Disposal

The process of safely and responsibly removing obsolete or damaged military equipment from service, often through recycling or decommissioning.

Ihm-21 Military Convoy

A group of vehicles traveling together for military purposes, transporting troops, supplies, or equipment.

Ihm-13 Military Supply Depot

A storage facility used to hold and distribute essential supplies, such as food, ammunition, and medical equipment, to military units.