Gglider-Borne Medical Evacuation

Glider-borne medical evacuation operations involved using gliders to transport medical personnel and equipment to evacuate wounded soldiers from battlefields. This allowed for quicker and more efficient medical care, reducing casualties and improving the overall health of troops.

Field Hospital

A temporary medical facility set up in the field to provide immediate medical care to wounded soldiers during combat operations.

Establishment of Military Hospitals

The setting up of medical facilities for treating wounded soldiers and civilians during wartime, crucial for maintaining morale and effectiveness.

Df. 28 Military Medical

The Df. 28 refers to the medical services provided by the British military during World War II. These services were essential for treating wounded soldiers, sailors, and airmen, and for preventing the spread of disease. They included a variety of medical personnel, from doctors and nurses to medics and stretcher bearers.

Dd. 51 Field Hospital

The Dd. 51 Field Hospital refers to the temporary medical facilities set up by the Allies and Axis powers during World War II. These hospitals were often located near battlefields or in areas where medical care was needed. The Dd. 51 Field Hospital provided essential medical treatment for wounded soldiers and played a crucial role […]

Ct. C-46 Commando Medical Evacuation

The use of C-46 Commando aircraft for evacuating wounded soldiers from battlefields to hospitals during World War II, providing critical medical care.

Bethesda Naval Medical Center

A major US Navy hospital located in Bethesda, Maryland, that played a vital role in treating wounded soldiers during World War II.

Axis Field Hospitals

Medical facilities established by Axis forces to treat wounded soldiers and provide medical care during battles and campaigns.

Airborne Medical Evacuation

Using aircraft to transport wounded soldiers or civilians from battlefields or disaster areas to medical facilities.

Adq Medical

A type of military unit that was responsible for providing medical care to wounded soldiers during World War II. It was equipped with a variety of medical supplies and equipment, including bandages, antibiotics, and surgical instruments.