Bosnia and Herzegovina

A country in southeastern Europe that was part of Yugoslavia during World War II. It was occupied by Axis forces and experienced significant conflict and ethnic tensions.

Balkan Front

A theater of World War II operations in Southeastern Europe. Axis powers, primarily Germany and Italy, clashed with Allied forces, including Yugoslavia, Greece, and the Soviet Union, for control of the region’s strategic resources and access to the Mediterranean.

Ayrshire, Yugoslavia

Ayrshire, Yugoslavia, was a small town that was occupied by the German army during World War II. The town experienced the horrors of war, including the resistance movement and the brutal reprisals by the German occupiers.


German mountain corps that played a significant role in the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece during World War II.

April War

A conflict between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia that took place in April 1941, as part of World War II.